Bevahior counsel or consultation
© Dr. JoŽl Dehasse, behaviorist veterinarian, Brussel, Belgium.
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Everyday people ask me for information or counseling on their dog or cat behavior. It is impossible for me to answer all these questions.  


To give a counsel, to realise an effective intervention in a serious disorder, a behaviorist veterinarian has to konw the problem behavior but also the whole animal ethogram (ensemble of behaviors). This complex analysis takes between 45 minutes and 1 and a half hour. This is the behavior consultation. One needs to observe the animal, to discuss with the owners or the people who know the animal best.
Factors as development, education, various emotions , reactions, various triggering situations, etc. are indispensable to understand.
After this systematic analysis, the behaviorist veterinarian will diagnose the disorder and will propose treatments and therapies.
This analysis cannot be made without an appointment.

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Dr Joël Dehasse