Dr JoŽl Dehasse

Certified Behaviourist Veterinarian
3 avenue du Cosmonaute, 1150 Bruxelles


Education, certifications

  • Graduation DVM, Doctor Medicus Veterinarius, in  1979, Universitť de LiŤge (in Cureghem, Bruxelles)
  • Graduation (certification) as Behaviourist Veterinarian in  1998, from  France  National Veterinary Schools (certification actually under accreditation by the Veterinary Professionnal Organisation since 9 February 2001)
  • Certification in Education in Therapeutic Systemic Interventions with families, institutions, networks and communities, by UCL in  1998 (387 hours during 3 formation years). 
  • Charter Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine (Companion Animals) [ECVBM-CA]and President 2003. 



  • Consultations in behavioural medicine
  • International speaker (French, English)
  • Consultant in behavioural medicine 
  • Author of scientific and popular articles 
  • Author of popular books on pets behaviour



  • Founder & President of GERC
  • Founder & President 1997-2002 of ESVCE
  • Founder & President 2003 (Charter Diplomate) of ECVBM-CA [European College of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine - Companion Animals]


Publicity authorized, Code of Commerce (article 1 et 2) and of the 'article 81 of the CEE law, with annulations of articles of the Professional Code forbidding any publicity.